Alleway's Confectionary shop front

What is the way forward for Alleway’s?


Our opening times are changing, but we're pushing forward in a big way.

We’ve been open for 3 months now. In this short space of time, we’ve met great people, shared our amazing vegan finds, and learned many lessons. With the recent temporary opening hours, I promised this week to lay out a way forward for our shop and community.

Starting a business during a pandemic is tough. Birmingham’s city centre hasn’t bounced back and with our neighbour, The Warehouse Café, closing again shortly after opening, it’s not been the best start we hoped for.

We’ve talked to many of you in our shop, at festivals, and online. Many do not want to return to the city centre as much as pre-COVID. We get that. These past few years have transformed the way we see our work and leisure time. We’ve proven we can work, shop, and play from home. When we leave the house, we don’t want the same as before. We’re want an experience. We want to feel something, belong to something, not just simply buy something.

We 100% agree.

With that knowledge, we’re moving forward.

We’re reducing our opening times, making our website easier to use, and launching two new projects that focus on experience.

We want to make being vegan easy. These changes promise that.

What’s happening to our shop?

From tomorrow until 2st October 2021 (inclusive), we’re open:

Wednesday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm

(Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)

From October, we’ll open the last Friday & Saturday of every month.

For these open days, we want to bring you a little extra to your shopping experience: exclusive products, offers, and samples. We’re keen to invite more makers in our shop to share their creations and passion for vegan confectionary.

What’s happening to our website?

Hands up, our website isn’t the easiest to use.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll notice subtle changes to our website. For example, you won’t have to select each individual sweet for your pick ‘n’ mix. Instead, you’ll create your own bag or one of our carefully selected mixes.

These changes make your shopping experience with us easier, both on desktop and mobile devices.

What are the new projects?

We’re not ready to announce yet. But, we are certain it will make being vegan easier and exciting.

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