Allergen & Dietary Requirements

We started our vegan confectionary shop to cover as many as free-from diets as possible.

All the products on our site and in our shop are vegan. Many are gluten-free.

Each manufacturer will have their own statement regarding the environment their products are packaged in and we have tried to include these on each description. If this is missing or not clear, please contact us for clarification.

Pick ‘n’ Mix

The manufacturers of our pick ‘n’ mix range pack in factories that handle dairy, gluten, and nuts. We advise those with severe allergies to consider this before ordering.

Measures to prevent cross-contamination

When preparing our pick ‘n’ mix range, our upmost care and attention is given to ensuring minimal opportunity for cross-contamination. Our practices includes:

  • Separate equipment for vegan and gluten-free sweets.
  • Washing and sanitizing of equipment and workstations before and after every product type.
  • Replacement of gloves when switching between product types.
  • Standard hygiene practices as expected (washing hands, use of hair nets etc.)

All products (including pick ‘n’ mix) have their allergens listed within their description. Any concerns, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.